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CauliCooler Cooling Headband

CauliCooler Cooling Headband

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The CauliCooler is a must-have for preventing and reducing cauliflower ear from activities such as BJJ, boxing, rugby and wrestling. CauliCooler headbands are crafted from premium neoprene, seamless to offer unparalleled comfort for extended wear and nighttime use, and stylish enough to wear in public.

Tested extensively for form and function, the soft lycra pockets securely hold gel ice packs (sold separately or in packs) to provide scientifically backed cold therapy which has been shown to reduce inflammation and aid in post-training recovery. Caulicooler also and offers superior yet affordable ear protection to guard against pressure or accidental trauma during sleep. 

The insulating neoprene can keep the gel packs frozen for over an hour before being worn so it can be taken to training and applied immediately afterwards, offering relief from sore, red, burning ears and reducing the inflammation that can result in cauliflower ears.

The ice packs should only be applied for 20 minutes out of every hour. Longer applications should be avoided as they can actually increase swelling. The gel packs should be removed if sleeping in the Caulicooler.

The CauliCooler comes in two sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all. The small size is suitable for heads measuring 45-53cm (17.5-21 inch), while the large size accommodates heads ranging from 53cm to 62cm (21-24 inch). Its ergonomic design and adjustable strap make it easy to wear and customise the level of compression and support you need.

The CauliCooler offers a kid-friendly solution for ear safety in sports like wrestling and BJJ. While it offers limited protection against blows, if your child refuses to wear earguards, the comfortable CauliCooler ensures they can train confidently, knowing their ears are shielded from potential injury or aggravation from ear rubbing and twisting. 


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