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CauliCooler Earguard

CauliCooler Earguard

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Cauliflower ear is easily prevented. Shield your ears from extensive damage, discomfort, and potential deformity with CauliCooler Earguards. Designed for durability and comfort whilst training BJJ, wrestling, MMA and rugby, these earguards offer superior defence for your head and ears. The soft cotton interior provides comfort while advanced foam padding absorbs and dissipates shock, and strategically located perforated holes provide breathability.

The CauliCooler Earguard from Royal Fightware (makers of Venum, Feline Skills and a few other well known brands) is made of with soft neoprene which offers comfort and lightness during training without blocking out too much sound. The smooth outer fabric reduces skin irritation for you and your training partner and we've minimised the need for plastic clips and buckles . Featuring molded shells, this ear guard ensures enhanced protection against impact during training. The 3-way closure system and its inner rubber bands guarantee an adjustable but secure fit during your ground work.

CauliCooler has got you covered from head to ears with our range of innovative protective gear. Experience comprehensive comfort during and after training with the unbeatable combination of CauliCooler Earguards and our refreshing and soothing original CauliCooler Ice-gel Headband.

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