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Pack 4 - CauliCooler Prepper Kit - Save 24%

Pack 4 - CauliCooler Prepper Kit - Save 24%

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All you need for DIY cauliflower ear treatment! While we do not advocate draining your own ear due to the risk of infection or further injury, we know you'll still do it so we've created a pack with everything you'll need.  

This pack includes a CauliCooler headband with 4 gel discs as well as our food-safe silicone covered ear magnets all in an exclusive case. By wrapping the frozen discs in the CauliCooler and keeping it in the case, they stay cold and can be applied immediately after training. The magnets come in their own container with silicone discs to reduce compression as required.

The three draining kits each consist of a 21 guage x 38mm needle and 3mL syringe with 4 x alcohol swabs.

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