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Pack 5 - Ultimate CauliCooler Combo - Save 22%

Pack 5 - Ultimate CauliCooler Combo - Save 22%

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Whether just starting out, or just starting to notice your ears getting lumpy, this pack has it all. Prevent cauliflower ear, reduce soreness and inflammation, and have all of the essential items to compress and protect your ears.

This pack includes a CauliCooler headband with 4 gel discs as well as our food-safe silicone covered ear magnets all in an exclusive case. By wrapping the frozen discs in the CauliCooler and keeping it in the case, they stay cold and can be applied immediately after training. The magnets come in their own container with silicone discs to reduce compression as required.

The star of the show is the CauliCooler earguard. Strikingly similar to Venum's Kontact Evo and coming from the same manufacturer, these high-quality earguards will protect the ears during training. But if you still sustain a heavy hit to the ear, you'll have everything you need to provide early treatment with cold-therapy and compression.

Remember, it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

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